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By pet lovers, for pet lovers™

mybestpets.com is a social utility for pet parents that takes the models of MySpace™, Facebook™ and Wikipedia™ and develops them to create the industry’s most comprehensive pet care portal. The site utilizes social networking, medical referencing and data storage as methods to have members return to the site and thus increase both website traffic and consumer loyalty. According to American Pet Products Association’s 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survery, during the past ten years, the number of households owning a pet has gone from 56% to 63%. This equates to over 71.1 million homes with pets. It is estimated that there are over 382 million household pets in just the United States alone. With numbers this staggering, pet parents are in need of a web site that is an all inclusive pet reference tool.

Over the years, the American demographics of pet parents has shifted from being primarily families to being over 61% owned by childless singles, unmarried couples and empty nesters. These owners tend to treat their pets as surrogate children and spoil them accordingly. In 2007, pet parents spent over $41 billion dollars on pet care products and by the end of the decade the industry expects that number to exceed $50 billion. Over the lifetime (approximately 15 years) of a small dog, the average parent will spend around $12,000 on the pet and for a large dog over $23,000.

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